Redding residents have reason to celebrate this rainy morning. No, not because it’s raining although that’s part of the happy feeling. Unofficially appointed Officer Roger Moore will be our most welcomed Police Chief in these most challenging times. City Council should / will make the appointment official within a week or two.

Roger is a Redding homegrown man with many years of service and experience. For those who don’t know him personally may recognize him from appearing on Channel 7 News frequently. He truly understands the need for dealing with crime and the homeless locally. He’s most qualified for the job given the fact of being on the local front line for so many years. Simply stated…he can RELATE to the circumstances and situations Redding is faced with each and everyday. We have not seen a person more qualified than Roger in decades or may never have seen one so qualified.

We know no one man can do it alone. It takes an understanding and cooperative City Council along with good citizen cooperation to get us to a safer place. Let’s hope that we all do are part each and everyday. Good luck Roger Moore!

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