Porches Are Making a Comeback

Daily Real Estate News

More new homes are coming equipped with front porches. Sixty-five percent of new single-family homes started in 2016 included a porch, according to a Census data analysis from the National Association of Home Builders. It’s only the second time since tracking began that new single-family homes with porches have moved back above 65 percent. For comparison, in 2005, 54 percent of new homes had porches.

Certain regions of the U.S. are showing higher preference for porches. For example, the East-South-Central region of the U.S. had the highest share of new homes started in 2016 with porches at 86 percent.

Positioning of porches have gone through a number of architectural changes. Front to back, side to side, etc.  Front porches on new homes tend to be more common than side porches. Also, most new home porches are open rather than screened.

The average size of a front porch on a new home is about 60 square feet. The materials used often tend to be concrete and treated wood. However, some regions—like the Mountain and Pacific areas of the U.S.—tend to favor redwood over treated wood for their front porches.

Personally I find porches to be a PLUS. Porches tend to make folks more happy. Sitting or lounging on a porch generally can be most relaxing. Especially when the porch overlooks your backyard.  Front porches also can be uplifting as well. Gives you an opportunity to tune into your neighborhood. Passer byes who don’t have a porch subconsciously are envious of your position wishing they too had their own.



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