4 Reasons December Is Favorable for Buyers

Many home shoppers don’t think about purchasing a house during the holiday months—many even put their home search on hold. I however see it as a opportunistic time for a Buyer to take advantage of a window of opportunity.

Less Competition, Better Prices.

Let your clients know that the holiday months work in their favor. Instead of competing with hungry buyers, eager to move in before the school year begins, the dip in demand actually drives prices down, and can create a mini buyers’ market.  Buyers often fare better in the negotiation process during the winter months.

More Time to (Home) Shop.

Time off around the holidays gives many buyers the opportunity to do some careful house hunting. Instead of giving up an entire weekend to open houses and showings, buyers can more leisurely tour homes during the week.

Tax Benefits.

We still don’t know how the Senate and House tax reform bills will shake out in conference committee; however, if your clients purchase in 2017, they can still deduct property taxes, loan interest, and other costs. Looking like it’s going to pass. Not good for middle class America.

Move-In Ready

For a large part of the country, winter is a favorable season to move. Lifting heavy items and improvement projects are easier to perform without the heat of the summer months.

There are numerous benefits and added perks to buying a house during the holiday season making December arguably the best time to buy.


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